Word Travelers Union Contributor Bios

Danielle Gervalis 
Home: Washington, DC
Danielle’s first international trip was at age 18 to London for spring break. She ended up spending a semester studying abroad in Toledo, Spain and traveled all over the country taking advantage of the cheap hostels. Since that time, she’s been hawking for travel deals to see the world and has been to 32 countries over 5 continents.  She founded World Traveler’s Union in January 2017 to get better at coding and share all of her and her friend’s adventures and hilarious travel stories. Her favorite trip was to Athens, Greece where she was spent much of her time fascinated by the Acropolis.

Liz Martone
Instagram: @officiallizmartone
Home: Washington, DC
Liz’s first international trip was to Paris with her father for her 16th birthday.  The trip inspired her to study abroad in Montpellier (southern France) and later go on to obtain a minor degree in French.  She eventually learned there’s more to the world than France and has since made a goal to visit at least one country on every continent in her lifetime.  Many of her most recent trips have been adventure-packed, so read on for tips to visit those countries!

Jamie Colosimo
Instagram: @gypseakids
Home: Honolulu, Hawaii
Jamie’s first international trip was to the Dominican Republic at age 22 where, despite her limited language skills, she quickly learned the only two words in Spanish she needed to get by: “cerveza” (beer) and “baño” (bathroom). Since then, Jamie has traveled throughout North America, Asia, Europe and the South Pacific. Though she anticipated living out life as a gypsy, she unexpectedly met her now husband, Joey, while vacationing in Hawaii. Shortly after getting hitched, they welcomed a baby girl named Naia. Despite her untimely domestication, Jamie continues to travel – just with some “extra luggage”. At two years old, her daughter Naia has already joined Jamie on travels throughout 10 countries across 4 different continents.Recently, Jamie and Joey welcomed another addition to the family – baby brother, Gavin. Traveling with two kids is bound to be a challenge but one Jamie openly embraces with determination, optimism and a sense of humor. Read on for stories of her travel triumphs mixed with entertaining mishaps and plenty of first-hand tips to make the most of your next family vacation.

Breonne Eberhart
Instagram: @breebree808
Home: Kailua, Hawaii
Breonne started her love for traveling at the age of 17. She traveled to the Caribbean  with a friend and realized how much she appreciated different cultures and the ocean. Since then she has traveled to over 20 countries, lived in Italy, and currently resides in Hawaii for the past 9 years. Many of her travels include budget accommodations, backpacking, and seeking out anything that gets her adrenaline pumping! 

J.D. Dominick
Home: Berlin, Germany
J.D. Dominick earned his B.A. in Government and Sociology and his M.A. in Government at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and currently calls Berlin, Germany his home.  J.D. is an Alexander von Humboldt Chancellor’s Fellow working with the German Ministry of Defense at the Verband der Reservisten der Deutschen Bundeswehr e.V. in Berlin. He plans to examine German military service members after combat with a comparative study of the impact that the U.S. Veteran policy will have on the German military population.  In his spare time, he loves to explore the globe and is enjoying living in central Europe as many European capitals are now a train ride away!

Kat Calvitti
Instagram: @katg0esme0w
Kat’s first trip abroad was at age 14 on a “class trip” to England, France, Italy and Switzerland with some of her high school classmates.  Since then she’s been flying by the seat of her pants to travel within the country and abroad.  Stay tuned to learn about her adventures and when planning may be necessary!

Stacy Armstrong
Home:  Washington, DC
Stacy’s passion for travel started at the young age of 6, when she got to fly on an airplane while moving from Russia to the United States. Growing up, Stacy and her family traveled often, but her first independent trip was at age 19, when she went on a Spring break trip Paris, France with a friend. The passion hasn’t stopped, Stacy was lucky enough to spend 6 months in England, making the most of that and exploring as much of the United Kingdom as possible. So far, Stacy has visited 11 countries over 4 continents, with plans to visit many more!

Mike Ramsden
Twitter: @MikeRam22
Home: Washington, DC
Mike’s first international trip was at the age of 12 when he went on a family vacation to Jamaica. It wouldn’t be until his senior year in college that he traveled abroad again. Over the past eight years he has visited 10 countries. To date his favorite trip was to Peru, where he had the opportunity to venture through the Andes and see Machu Picchu.

Kari Johnson
Home: Minneapolis, MN
As a child, Kari’s grandmother told her stories about Sweden over coffee and treats. It was then that she began dreaming of visiting Sweden and learned to love coffee. During college, her dream became a reality when she studied abroad in Sweden, and in 2011 Kari moved to London, England for graduate school. She still drinks coffee every morning and enjoys discovering restaurants, neighborhoods, and attractions off the beaten path.

Albert Costill
Home: South Jersey, USA
Al is a South Jersey native who loves history, going to concerts, the beach, Phillies games, and hanging out with his chocolate lab Adrienne. He inherited the travel gene from his globe trotting grandparents. While he hasn’t traveled as much as his grandparents, yet, he has made multiple trips to Italy and Montreal, as well Ireland, Costa Rica, and all across America the beautiful.

Devin Fomberg


Instagram: devinmarie02
Home: Boston, MA
Devin is a pre-med student and bartender in the fair city of Boston who sometimes travels and writes about it. She once set (part of) a bar on fire in Paris, she wore a Munich soccer jersey in London, and she officiated a gay wedding in Ireland. The money she makes goes to drinks/charcuterie boards, medical school savings, and travel (in that order). She’s been all over the US of A and a few spots in Western Europe, but she hopes to go much further, assuming she can find someone to watch her cat. Stay tuned.


Dan Nguyen
Instagram: officialdannguyen
Home: Washington, DC
Dan lives in the District with his dog, Maxie.  Dan travels mainly to eat, drink, and bring home magnets for his fridge.
Pat McFadden

Home: Vermont 
Pat enjoys dabbling in photo-journalism, drinking freshly roasted coffee, and learning. His parents inspired his passion for travel by shuttling their four children up and down the eastern seaboard during their childhood.

pat bio pic

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