Copenhagen: Part II – Things to Eat

Traveler: Danielle Gervalis

When: November 2017

Overall Experience: In Part I of the Copenhagen post I went over all the things to do and see in this amazing city. You might be famished after all the sightseeing or perhaps you’ll need to rest your feet and warm up in a cozy cafe. Either way, you’ll need to know where all the good places to eat and get drinks are! We’ve got you covered!

Places to Eat

Located in the heart of the shopping district, Zalt is a casual restaurant with a cozy fireplace and outdoor seating. I tried the classic smorrebrod, which is an open-faced sandwich of buttered rye bread and a variety of toppings. I had the beef and salmon with their house red wine. The bread was hearty and it was the perfect introduction to Danish cuisine.
This adorable and airy spot was a stone’s throw away from the Airbnb and also very close to the University, so I decided to try Flottenhimer for brunch. They have a set menu for the morning which includes coffee and a HUGE plate of a variety of breakfast dishes; eggs, bread, pancakes, avocado, cheese and a parfait. My friend and I split the dish for $22 and were very full. Additionally, they have fresh squeezed juice, a full bar and dinner menu.
Cafe Nytorv
This busy, little cafe is located in old town Copenhagen and serves classic Danish dishes as well as standard lunch fare. Once I started on the smorrebrod, I could not stop myself so I had the egg, shrimp and caviar open-faced sandwich for around $14. It was a satisfying blend of salty and savory. The service in this cozy little cafe is fast and accommodating. After a quick refresh, we were back on our feet touring the city!
Another bustling restaurant in the center of downtown, Tight serves both Danish and International Cuisine. I didn’t make reservations, but they kindly squeezed us in at a bar table during a busy Saturday night. Detouring from my favorite sandwiches, we started with the macaroni and cheese spring rolls and they were amazing! If you love mac and cheese like I do, then you will really enjoy this twist on a favorite comfort food. For the main course I tried the Pork Schnitzel which was a little dry and not my favorite meal but it did have an interesting honey mustard sauce. Overall, I would say give this place a try. It’s reasonably priced for dinner in downtown Copenhagen but I don’t think you’ll give it 5 stars.
Nyboders Kokken
The ambiance at Nyboders can not be recreated anywhere else. Located in the Navy District, it’s quaint, comfortable and decorated with dried flowers and green and white checkered table clothes. The service was very welcoming and helpful in making recommendations.

Beautiful decor

I decided I wanted a full on Danish meal and went with the fried cheese and pickled herring. The cheese had a nutty flavor and was served with a strong jam which was tasty. The pickled herring while good, had a texture I was not quite prepared for. The flavor was more on the sweet side but the fish was soft and almost the consistency of mashed potatoes while chewing. I’m glad I was able to experience it but I didn’t order it again during my stay!
Restaurant Puk
Hands down, this was my absolute favorite meal in the city! Restaurant Puk has a rich history, an amazing chef and top-notch service. It dates back to 1750 and was frequently visited by King Christian VII and his mistress. Everything is made fresh daily from local ingredients and I swear it all makes a difference in the final product.
puk interior

Fit for a King!

We started with some wine, bread and a massive charcutere board filled with meats, cheeses, and pickled vegetables. We probably would’ve been satisfied with just that but we had the main dishes on the way. I had the breaded veal cutlets accompanied with classic sides of peas and mashed potatoes and gravy. The meat was juicy and flavorful and the gravy gave it that extra feeling of a home cooked meal. It was a great last meal in the city and I would love to go back and try even more of their specialties!
Hyttefadet in Nyhavn
As mentioned in part I on Copenhagen, Nyhavn is an absolute must tour neighborhood. There are a plethora of options lining the canal but I tried Hytteefadet for glogg to warm  up and a crepe to satisfy my sweet tooth. This place has a nautical feel and comfortable booths to enjoy your mid day dessert.

Great hang for Glogg in Nyhavn

Places to Drink

Rosengardens Bodega
A divey bar so popular with an older generation of locals that every table and stool was filled when we visited! It had a cozy, cheerful feeling magnified by all of the holiday decorations. However, don’t be fooled by the decor. This bar was the site of the assassination of a Nazi spy by the Danish resistance! One of the bullet holes is still embedded in the wall. We tried a few Danish beers and settled in to rest our feet and warm up. If you are in the downtown area, enjoy historical places and feel like mingling with some Copenhagen citizens, then this is a great place to try!
Lord Nelson Bar
This hip bar serves up Danish microbrews and ciders in the heart of downtown. It’s a funky basement setting with lots of locales but also very friendly to tourists. We had lots of fun talking with the bartenders about the local breweries and meeting other visitors exploring the city. I highly recommend Lord Nelson Bar for solo travelers as well since it was such a great time meeting other travelers.
Bar Vin
A classy establishment with dim lighting and large wax candles on each table, head here for an extensive wine menu guaranteed to satisfy any pallet. If you are hungry, they also feature a full dinner menu which has received rave reviews. We only sampled their wines but really enjoyed the cozy ambience and excellent service.


  • If you are dining in a casual restaurant, most likely you will get up and pay your bill at a cashier, instead of waiting like an idiot (me) at your table.
  • Copenhagen is a Michelin rated star restaurant powerhouse! If you are looking for an elegant meal, you have found the right city. However, this does not come cheap and you will most definitely need reservations.
  • Copenhagen is a very walkable city! Once you are in the downtown area, it’s easy to bounce around from place to place.


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